Normal Girl Pooping

This is just a normal girl right out of her home taking a nice dump.  There are some toilet farts and then the girl pooping.  It is a fantastic angle from my perspective because you get to see and hear everything without it being like an actual watch the poop come out of my butt […]

Loud Poop From A Teen

This is a great view from a teen pooping on the toilet.  Its also a two for one special.  The first one our girl sits on a black toilet seat and takes a nice long pee before farting a few times and pushing out a nice dump that you can clearly hear, and some grunting.  […]

First Time I Heard A Girl Poop

I had to take a class all morning one morning about 25 minutes from my 15 year old at the time girlfriend’s house. Her mom and her had traveled to pick me up at the course. After the class we went out to lunch at a mexican restaurant and then drove the 25 minutes back […]

My Friends Sister Poops

When I was about 16 I was at my friends house watching a football game. I was sitting next to his sister who always pulled a cover over us so we could mess around. After the game was over we both got up and she disappeared for a very long time. Probably upwards of 10 […]